What people are saying about:


“I had such a good time. I can’t wait for the next one!” -Renee R.

“Thank you! I had so much fun! A life changing experience! I always think about how I can walk confidently using your techniques as a woman!! Loved it!”
-Alicia K.

“You are fabulous. Thank you! I really felt great doing the routine and I can’t wait to show my husband!!” -Melanie W.

“Lots of fun, good exercise and GREAT instructors. Made me feel good!”
-Kate F.

“Thank you! Great, fun workshop.” -Joanne W.

“You’re great at instructing and instilling confidence! Thank you!” -Susan P.

“Easy going and fun” – Jennifer A.

“Thanks a million!” -Anjela P.

“I had a lot of fun. I loved it!” -Nikita K.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and hope to come again.”-Valerie M.

“I loved the music and how welcoming and warm the environment and people were. I never felt awkward. Thank you! So much fun!” -Michelle M.

“So much fun and easy to learn.” -Chrissy M.”

“I love everything about the class. I was a little nervous about what to expect – you made it really comfortable and fun.” -Elizabeth S.

“So much fun and liberating! Thank you!” -Susanna S.

“Super fun!” -Rebecca T.

“Loved it! You made it simple!” -Deanna M.

“Awesome job! Had so much fun, as always!” -Kristin M.

“Absolutely love it!” -Caitlin L.

“It was lots of fun and I loved channeling my inner “sexy”. ” -Aly A.


In November 2011, we brought our full production “SWEET TREATS” back to the stage for two dates at Community Actors Theatre. Guests treated themselves to a delicious collection of burlesque acts. Entries from our guestbook read:

“You guys rock! Loved every minute of it!!” – Sarah S.

“As always, beautiful. Great job. Great entertainment. Amazing time. Keep it up.” – Juan L.

“Tres chic. Seductive costumes. Imaginative skits. Innovative acts. And last, but surely not least, a nicer cast of performers doesn’t exist.” – Bev & Art

Also in 2011, in July and September, guests enjoyed our multi-run sassy and saucy hotel-themed production “Welcome to The Beaumont Hotel” also at the Community Actors Theatre. Here’s what guests had to say about it:

“Great show!” – Josephine W

“I know I want to say something…but I’m speechless” – Micouri S.

“Outstanding!!” – Michelle H.

“Amazing show!” – Angela Y.

*Have you been to one of our performances or events? We’d love to hear what you loved most. Drop us a line!

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